Where there's PEACE, there's a chance for CHANGE!!!

PROJECT ENDTIME LIVING is an advocacy project, consisting of a collection of various teachings and programmes, aimed at reaching out to as many people as possible, with the message of LOVE and HOPE, for the good of our society.

This is a project designed to restore hope in a world full of pain, disappointment, bitterness, hardship, chaos, disasters, wars and agony. Many have lost hope in the Government, as well as Religion.

We believe that you do not have to be an elected or appointed member of the government or a religious institution, before you can make a difference. You can become the change that you desire to see in the society.

The goodnews is that there are still good things happening around!!! There are still good people living in the world!!!

Project EndTime Living is designed to reach out to as many people as possible, with the message of LOVE and HOPELet's join hands and reachout to our world, affecting ONE PRESON at a time. 


What does your RELIGION mean to you? Why not allow yourself become all that your creator has designed you to be.... by become the HOME OF GOD... 

Welcome to the place where you find out how... In a world torn apart by human and natural disasters

In a world where so many people are craving for shadows... (money, power, knowledge,...)